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These are some logos I have designed for various school projects 


Photos By Adam Moore 

Video Projects

iPhone Project 

This is a project that I’m very proud of. It was called an iPhone project which required the video to be shot on an iPhone. Once shot, the editing was done in Final Cut Pro. I chose to interview a classmate named AJ Shaw, who has a remarkable ability to remember every detail about sports.

Commercial Project 

This was a project to highlight one of the products that was sold in our school store. The parameters for the video required me to focus on both a real-life setting and a studio setting. In the studio setting, I elected to imitate the style of an Apple commercial, where I learned a lot about the importance of shot placement. In the outdoor environment, I learned a lot about the importance of location.

Interview Project

In this project, I chose to interview one of my teachers. This was a teacher that knew I could ask more developed questions. This was filmed entirely in a studio and edited in Final Cut Pro. I learned a lot about asking better follow-up questions that allowed the interview subject to be more comfortable and to go deeper with their responses.

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