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I completed an international relations research essay on North & South Korea and China for my Journalistic Writing course. I wanted to examine their current status and conduct an in-depth examination of their current relations. This taught me how politics and change between governments internationally. Learning U.S. policies and how our political regime conducts business has always interested me. I wanted to dive deeper into the international realm to expand my knowledge in this sector. Conducting all my research, it was imperative to the changes that occur from country to country. 

In my Graphic Design I class, I was asked to find an artist that inspired me and that I look up to. I chose Stanley Mouse because as a car fan, I knew his work as a hot rod painter, but also, as a Grateful Dead fan, I was a huge fan of his album art. He has always used Art Nouveau lettering with curvy lines. It is his signature. He made many rock posters in the late 60’s and is quite famous. Although his name is Stanley O’Miller, a grade school friend started calling him Mouse, which he kept. His studio is called Mouse Studio, and he regularly signs things Stanley Mouse or just Mouse.


Mouse is famous for his Traffic rock group posters as well as the group Journey album covers. My favorite album cover he designed was the “Art of the Dead” Deluxe Box Set. Stanley Mouse worked with Alton Kelley and the two created the skeleton and roses designs that are iconic Grateful Dead, and the wings for Journey. He is still creating art today.

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